Mission statement

At Unicorn we are committed to deliver the highest quality ingredients to our customers to a consistent and reliable format, at competitive prices, time after time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Unicorn was founded on the principles of treating our suppliers, customers and employees fairly. We believe that each partner in our business is a valuable asset and it is up to us to express their value to us for the mutual benefit of all. Our business is built on trust for all partners in the supply chain.

We believe we can have a responsible supply chain that respects individuals and organisations yet delivers safe, ethically produced ingredients with minimal impact on the environment. We are keen to work to develop and share the benefits of our client relationships with producers in all origins, and create a feeling of partnership across the entire supply chain.

We are committed to food safety from our suppliers through to our customers; this means we take responsibility for safe guarding all chemical and physical parameters of our products, so as to not harm the environment or people. We will commit company resources to this endeavour without compromising the pressure of commercial performance.

We are keen to develop working programs with suppliers where we can try to support community projects or initiatives. Our employees are encouraged to participate fully in the business so we all benefit from their commitment and enthusiasm in getting the job right.

We believe that the success of our company is dependent on the partners we have in the supply chain, through them and our responsible behaviour we believe our employees will benefit and our profits will grow.