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Stay ahead of the news with our monthly ingredients market reports, written for you by our in-house expert and director, Frank Horan.

Each month we issue a detailed analysis of the economic climate and news for each of our products’ markets. The latest reports are for registered contacts only; if you would like to access the most up-to-date report please sign up to our mailing list below and each month we will send you a private link to access the content.

Aug30, 2019

Ingredients Market Report: September 2019

FX has been remarkable stable when looked over the month, mainly due to the holiday period, and surrounding uncertainty that no one can predict the outcome. All the issues remain; Brexit, China-USA trade wars, global recession or not! Sterling has the potential to gain/lose 15 cents to the pound depending on the negotiations. The US$ which could weaken if trade wars develop, is potentially more likely to strengthen if global recession occurs due to the trade issues as investors take haven in the safest currency.

Aug01, 2019

Ingredients Market Report: August 2019

Well, we have a new UK Prime Minister, and Brexit is back on the agenda and at present it is hard to see how we will avoid leaving the EU on 31st October, come what may. Sterling is obviously taking a hit for this reason, and some forecasters are anticipating parity on the US$ and indeed the Euro. This will add 10-20% to all raw material prices, regardless of market savings.

Jul01, 2019

Ingredients Market Report: July 2019

The lowest month for market info. We are just before the earliest new crops, and a long way from last harvest. Additionally, summer holidays are around the corner and on people’s minds. In UK generally planning for a possible eventual Brexit is impossible too, and global uncertainty that impacts on FX rates and thus prices are unpredictable.

Jun01, 2019

Ingredients Market Report: June 2019

Sterling is certainly suffering from Brexit and political uncertainty now, having experienced its worst month for a couple of years. The impact on prices is significant. Otherwise, US trade policy, and escalating trade wars and challenging relationships impacts global currency markets. Additionally, in the US, low inflation and consumer confidence tends to point to the next interest rate move being a cut, perhaps against the preferred direction of the policy makers.

May01, 2019

Ingredients Market Report: May 2019

In between seasons now, with the usual market adjustments, stock liquidations, etc. This leads to strong variations in prices, but also in quality of material being supplied, BBE dates etc. Additionally, UK clients are managing their ‘Brexit’ inventory situation, and this is having complications in the market place.