Market Report: March 2018

FX Monthly movement

  • US$/£ 1.39 from 1.38
  • US$/ € 1.23from 1.22
  • £/€ 1.13 unchanged

The weak US$ has impacted on most export prices in past weeks, but obviously the opposite impact is the more favorable rates for conversion into Euro’s and Sterling. Otherwise the markets are somewhat starved of news. Speculation around Brexit talks, and Trump administration auction of $ 250 billion of US government bonds and who has bought them. Of course, the endless chain of resignations, and speculation around the administration also adds gossip to market tendencies.

General news

The sluggish trend to markets has continued through February, and prices have broadly remained stable. Activity has been quiet as Chinese Spring Festival, Gulfood and Biofach along with school holidays have all taken place in February.

To remind all readers we have readily available in stock an increasing range of ancient grains and speciality seeds such as:

  • Quinoa (red, black, and white) Amaranth
  • Hulled buckwheat
  • Kalongi
  • Chia
  • Comprehensive range of Organic variants

Finally, we have ideas and suggestions of a variety of alternative seeds for those looking for a little creativity!

In this report:

  • Pumpkinseed kernels
  • Sunflower seed kernels
  • Linseed
  • Sesame seed
  • Hulled millet
  • Poppy seed

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