Market Report: April 2017

FX Monthly movement

  • US$/£ 1.24 up from 1.22
  • US$/€ 1.06 unchanged
  • £/€ 1.16 up from 1.15

Brexit has been triggered with minimal impact on currencies. Sterling has strengthened since the official announcement. So the future of Sterling is now down to the announcements as the negotiations proceed. The US dollar is heading towards its worst 3-month performance in a year. Economic data looks good in this region, but the ‘Trump’ effect drags the dollar lower. In the Eurozone whilst fears of Marie Le Pen gaining office reside have added some strength, and data gradually coming from German and French statistics, looks positive.

General news

After a good IFE, where we met and caught up with many of our clients, we are entering a period of crop development. We are conscious that the range of ‘specialist’ seeds we supply is not widely published, so will be attaching to this circular from next month. But for now, we have a full range of specialist ingredients. Please just ask!

Otherwise the situation in Peru is unstable after the disastrous floods. Crops have been damaged, but we cannot establish the market impact as yet. However it will not soften prices. Cheap offers from this region mean old stocks, don’t be caught out by this and the implications on shelf life and the old pesticide issues!

We are starting to see a turn in markets, and new crop news is as expected looking a little concerning. Cheap prices are having their impact and farmers switch to better paying crops. This has the obvious effect, so please be prepared for higher prices.

In this report:

  • Pumpkinseed kernels
  • Sunflower seed kernels
  • Linseed
  • Sesame seed
  • Hulled millet
  • Poppy seed

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