Exseedingly Good! Unicorn in the press

A selection of seeded breads

Unicorn’s own Frank Horan was once again in the news as he contributed to an article in April’s edition of Out of Home Magazine, highlighting the recent trend and benefits of seeded and speciality breads.

As the article explains, the speciality breads market in the UK is currently booming, with a 4.1% year-on-year increase of consumers buying into these products. In real terms this adds a £12.1m increase to the market which is now worth an impressive £272m each year. Frank says:

“Consumers in general have a higher level of expectation of bread today – they want more flavour in particular and a product that looks and tastes more interesting than a simple white loaf.”

At Unicorn we have long been at the forefront of supplying ingredients to the speciality breads market, so it’s good to see this vibrant and healthy product gaining traction with the nations consumers.

You can find the magazine’s website at: www.oohmagazine.co.uk