China has long been an excellent source of the seeds and pulses we supply to customers right around the world. From our local office, we are able to develop close relationships with suppliers, undertake audits of factories and ensure the quality of ingredients for export to Europe.

Recently, however, we have also started importing a number of products into China that are very much in demand in the local market. Unicorn was approved by AQSIQ on 24th February 2014 as a legally registered and approved food importer and agent to the Chinese market. We are authorised to import – either as an importer or agent – the following products:

  • Grains and Grains products
  • Oil and Oil seeds
  • Soft drink and drinking water
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Other plant origin food
  • Canned foods
  • Bee Products
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Pastry Biscuits and Crackers
  • Candied (Preserved) fruits
  • Processed Flavouring
  • Tea

The CopihueTM Product Range


Wild Flower Honey
Cereal flakes
Chilean Olive Oil


We currently market three types of honey from the Chilean Andes :


Eucryphia cordifolia (Ulmo) is a species of evergreen tree growing over 40 m high, with strikingly white, nectar-rich flowers growing on uppermost branch sections.  Ulmo Honey ranges in colour from clear to bright yellow amber and is a finely crystallised, fragrant and vitamin-rich product.


The Quillay tree only grows in the Chilean Andes and our monofloral honey – which is harvested between December and January – has between 70 and 95% of the tree’s pollen.


Certified by INTERTEK in Germany as GM free, our Wildflower honey also comes from wildflower-rich mountainsides. Produced from November to March without any mechanical extraction or intervention, it has moisture levels of 18%.

Cereal flakes

These healthy and nutritious flakes are from Europe’s grain basket, Ukraine, which has enjoyed a strong trading relationship with China over time. When combined with milk, hot water or yoghurt, they provide a healthy and filling breakfast at the start of the day. Some can be used to create porridges or combined with other ingredients to produce a wholesome meal.

Grains grown in the region are processed fresh and then packed in optimal conditions. You are therefore assured of premium quality at a realistic price.

Extra virgin olive oil

The olives for this full, fruity oil come from Quillota, Chile, which is famed for its microclimate. They are also drawn from other orchards in the Aconcagua Valley.  The intense golden-green colour comes from the speed and care taken in bringing the crop from harvest to the presses, producing amongst the highest-quality oil available worldwide.

The processor is a family-owned business, in which the founder’s son today acts as general manager overseeing the production of extra virgin olive oil, while his wife takes charge of the quality control process. The company has previously won awards at fairs in both the USA and Italy.