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Unicorn Brings the Right Ingredients to IBA 2018

Unicorn Ingredients will be returning this year to Europe’s biggest bakery trade show, IBA, taking place in Munich from 15 to 20 September 2018. UK-based Unicorn will be displaying a broad range of seeds and grains, including sesame and pumpkin seeds as well as poppy seeds at the international trade show. Also at show will be pre-mixes for bread and biscuits and specialist ingredients for eco and organic bakery products …

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Australian road with kangaroo warning sign

Focus on: Australia

Australia is an important country to Unicorn due to its large scale production of its native seed, Poppy. It is also an area of opportunity with the prospect of developing specialist honey, amongst other products, and we are exploring different avenues as to how we can make this work in the long term …

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Market Report: August 2018

In the UK, Parliament is on holiday, Brexit uncertainties and lack of direction grow, and to some extent this is reflected in EU members if not in Brussels. A hard Brexit will be bad for business in EU too. The pound has nowhere to go whilst these uncertainties remain. The Euro is guided to some extent by an expected fall in GDP, and the Brexit shadow …

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Market Report: July 2018

The increase in global risk, and looming trade wars appears to be good for the US Dollar which has strengthen against both the Euro and Sterling in recent days. Major depreciation of the Yuan (China) where concerns over US protectionism are still current. However, the impactor of this is to at least off set some market increases locally when prices are converted to dollars …

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Two trucks passing on a country road

Supply Demands

Unicorn Ingredients manages the complicated logistical demands of its business by keeping focused on three key supply chain priorities. As a business that operates in 34 countries globally and sources a complex range of seasonal products, Unicorn Ingredients must maintain a highly-sophisticated supply chain. And it is a supply chain that must be robust enough to be tested by harvest failures and natural disasters such as the recent devastating volcano in Guatemala.

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Chinese lanterns

The Call of China

Unicorn Ingredients’ base in China allows it to build close relationships with suppliers of key products and embrace local opportunities and expertise. As the Chinese market started to take off in 2011, Unicorn Ingredients registered its first overseas office in the country, as part of its global expansion objective. A Chinese office provides a vital communications conduit for UK-based Unicorn, in dealing with its many Chinese suppliers and Chinese customers.

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Crop picking in Africa

Focus on: Africa

Since the inception of Unicorn Ingredients, the company has looked to work with and develop opportunities and avenues for sustainable business ventures in Africa, one of the largest sesame seed producers in the world, supplying approximately seventy per cent of the world’s natural sesame seeds. This coupled with the increase in seed demand due to various factors, including globalisation, means Africa is becoming a very important region for Unicorn Ingredients.

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Sesame seeds close-up

Focus on: Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds, or Sesamum indicum, grow in tropical regions and are native to Africa and India. Cultivated for its edible seeds, which grow in pods, the annual global harvest for sesame seeds is over 6.2 million metric tonnes, with Ethiopia, Sudan and India as the largest producers.

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Market Report: June 2018

The focus has been split between the inevitable Brexit scenario and lack of clarity of trade arrangements after March 2019, the G7 conference that ended badly and increased the threat of trade wars, and the historic summit in Singapore on Tuesday. In between political turmoil continues in Italy, and their possible future in the Euro and even the EU. Despite this the ECB is clearly indicating it wishes to stop its asset purchasing scheme. Otherwise EU industrial production is increasing slightly along with inflation …

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Market Report: May 2018

US dollar strength and continued uncertainty over Brexit dominate the FX markets currently. US/China trade sanctions are being watched carefully as the two countries try to resolve this issue. In the UK the possibility of interest rate increases has receded, and this has contributed to Sterling’s slide. The Euro has lost momentum after a slowdown in growth figures, although declared as temporary by Draghi. The question therefore remains as to when the EU economy will ‘normalize’ and this time frame seems to be moving ever backwards …

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