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Market Report: March 2017

The main item being talked about at present is the inevitable interest rate hike in the USA, and this has been the cause of the recent realignment of Sterling to a 7week low. The triggering of article 50, must occur within the next 3 weeks, so how low can the pound go, or is this fully factored into the current rates?

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Market Report: January 2017

2017 starts with much focus on developments in the USA, firstly the Fed reserve’s minutes indicate they are prepared to raise interest rates, three times in 2017, and faster than market players anticipated, this undoubtedly supports the dollar. The other will be the emerging fiscal policy of President elect Trump!

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Walking horses over sand dunes

Unicorn Sponsors Holistic Horsewoman

Unicorn Ingredients Ltd are please to advise we have sponsored a young South African girl, Cornelia Kruger, to follow her dreams and take advantage of the Deanne McCrae Memorial Scholarship for 2016, awarded through The International Society of Rider Biomechanics in Lexington Kentucky. The course has its foundations set in sport science. Mrs. McCrae was […]

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Market Report: October 2016

Brexit continues to be the over-riding sentiment impacting Sterling exchange rates at present. Will there be further interest cuts, what about more QE? Will it be a hard Brexit, impacting the financial services sector, or a softer more accommodating agreement?

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Market Report: September 2016

Another month where all three primary currencies are basically at the same place they started the last couple of months at. There have been reasonably fluctuations, or trading range, within the month, but fundamentally we are in a stable phase at these levels post Brexit. From a UK perspective, all await information on how the economy has performed in the weeks since the referendum.

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Market Report: April 2016

With sterling under continued pressure due to the uncertainty around the EU referendum we have seen the Euro and USD make significant gains against GBP in March. This looks set to continue as we move closer to the decision however the fate of the UK at the referendum seems to be a coin. The US FED change of policy in terms of how soon they anticipate to be raising interest rates has slowed down the fall on GBP/USD …

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