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Wang Yong checking crops in 2018

Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds Crop Survey Results

Sesame seeds: In India the Sesame seed crop estimation for 2018 is 178,000 tonnes, cultivated from an area of sowing of 1,324, 256 Hectors with a yield/hector of 134kg. This is a reduction in yield of 44.8% compared to the 2017 crop. The reduction in yield is due to the reduction in harvesting area following to crop damage caused by rain and insects. Farmers were reluctant to re-harvesting in crop damaged areas. Pumpkin seeds: In the 2018 Autumn Crop survey focuses on farms in the Xinjiang and Heilongjiang Provinces who Unicorn Ingredients work.

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Unicorn Brings the Right Ingredients to IFE

Unicorn Ingredients will be talking to customers about trends in seeds and grains at trade show IFE in London in March.

Seeds specialist Unicorn Ingredients will be on stand N1840 at the international food and drink event, talking to visitors about latest trends in seeds and grains.

Unicorn Ingredients will be among 1000-plus exhibitors at the IFE trade show, taking place at London’s Excel centre from 17 to 20 March 2019.

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Shipping port in China

New Year Organic Unheaval at the Docks

Unicorn Ingredients is navigating is way through a change to the EU inspection regime on organic products, which have hit its shipments of seeds from China.

Unicorn Ingredients is preparing to advise customers of several percentage point price increases on organic seeds, as a new EU inspection regime causes chaos at the ports. Imports of organic products including seeds, cereals, malt and goji berries to the EU from countries including China have been hit by New Year changes to EU rules, which caught industry and ports unawares.

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Great wall of China

Focus on: China

China is one of the world’s largest sources of edible seeds and plays an important role in the seeds and pulses industry. The country is the world’s leading source of Pumpkin and has developed into an exporting powerhouse for this product, along with various Organic seeds.

Unicorn Ingredients has had a presence in China since 2011, with an operating office in Qinhuangdao. The office is headed up by Mr Wang Yong, who has been in the Pumpkin seed industry for more than two decades, who works closely with three young and energetic logistical and technical co-workers.

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Market Report: January 2019

The primary focus for the next few days in UK and probably EU is the Brexit deal acceptance or not. In the US they are concentrating on re opening government since it closed over the Mexican border wall funding dispute. Generally stock markets have reacted recently to concern over a global slowdown in 2019, fueled without doubt by continuing generally weak/poor Chinese performance figures …

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Market Report: December 2018

The Strength of the US dollar, despite Trump’s best efforts dominates the currency markets at present. The Fed is determined to see rates rise, and this underpins the dollar. Euro & Sterling follow the Brexit rollercoaster of speculation and rumour. Elsewhere, trade wars, skirmishes between Russia & Ukraine, EU recession and possible US tariffs on EU car imports whilst Trump warns the Brexit agreement restricts a UK/US trade deal all build in uncertainty, and of course the US dollar is the winner …

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10th Anniversary Milestone

Unicorn Ingredients has achieved a lot in its first decade, becoming a £30m turnover company operating in 35 countries around the world. And the future promises more of the same. Ten years ago, Frank Horan and Nikki Divers had a vision of the way an ingredients wholesaler should be run. Of setting up a hands-on company which always put the customer first. Both had been working with seeds and pulses for 20 years. They knew the industry inside out, they were passionate about what they did. The timing was as right as it ever would be. So, the two started to look for suitable premises, opening the Unicorn Ingredients office in Epsom, Surrey in 2008. They have not looked back since.

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The UK countryside

People Power

A happy workplace is a productive workplace and Unicorn Ingredients’ head office in Epsom, Surrey is both those things. Unicorn Ingredients is not a company which just pays lip service to good employee relations. The compan has seen so little staff turnover in its first ten years that the joint founders, Nicola Divers and Frank Horan, can only think of a handful of people who have left. Most have stayed for the whole ten years. The whole ethos of the company is geared towards making it the sort of business that everyone enjoys working in, and that customers enjoy working with.

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Map of Eastern Europe

Focus on: Eastern Europe

Unicorn Ingredients has had a strong relationship with Eastern Europe since the company’s conception 10 years ago. The region is a primary source to a few of its lead products, including brown and golden linseed, sunflower and millet, to name a few. Primarily, the countries sourced from are Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria, as they offer a reliable and good quality supply base with a strong focus on continually improving consistency. The region is important to Unicorn Ingredients for a variety of reasons, one of these being that it provides the company with a strong non-GMO supply chain, as well as a highly competitive supply base.

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Focus on: Linseed

Linseed is the seed from the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum), a member of the Linaceae family. The thin yellow or brown seed is one of the oldest cultivated crops and originates from the Mediterranean and Western Asia. The seeds are mainly grown in regions with lower winter temperatures and processed for their nutritional value and high content of fibre and oil. Today Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Poland and Argentina are some of the largest global producers of linseed.

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