About us

The import and wholesale market for seeds and other ingredients is complex, fast-moving and sometimes unpredictable. Unicorn prides itself on managing the sourcing and supply of these important ingredients to make sure you have exactly the quantity you need at an agreed price.

As you would expect, we are closely involved at every stage of the seeds and ingredients supply chain: production, transportation, import, warehousing and supply to wholesale ingredients markets. Our relationships with producers stretch right around the globe. In the UK, Germany and China – where we have a permanent presence – to India and Guatemala. We invest time on the ground to understand the very latest market trends and seek out new opportunities for our clients.

From there, we take responsibility for quality control. We operate the highest standards of physical and microbiological testing and will make sure that factory products emerge ready to eat. What’s more, our extensive knowledge of freight logistics and transportation means we can ensure your product is packaged to your requirements and delivered on time, whether you’re in Birmingham, Bergen or Berlin.

Security of supply at an agreed price

With our warehousing facilities available in the UK, Germany and elsewhere, you can always be confident about continuity of supply. And with transparent, fixed agreements, you know exactly what you’re going to pay, even when currencies are fluctuating on foreign exchanges.

Just like our mythical namesake, Unicorn is loyal and steadfast. Which means that in the real world of commodities, our relationships with both clients and suppliers are productive and long-lasting.

Find out more about what we’re capable of delivering by calling us on +44 (0)1372 230020

Meet the team

At Unicorn we understand just how valuable real-person contact can be. Here’s a list of out key staff to help you find the contact you need:

UK office

Frank Horan
Frank Horan Director

Nicola Divers
Nicola Divers

Andy Connor
Andy Connor


John Millest
John Millest

Commercial Manager

Mandy Gray
Logistics Controller

Melissa Wilter-Heritage
Technical Customer Support

China office

Wang Yong
Wang Yong

Chief Representative

Zhang Xiao Ling
Zhang Xiao Ling

Suppliers Logistics & Accounts Administrator

Han Jia Jia, Quality Assurance, China
Han Jia Jia

Quality Assurance, China

Germany office

Vera Grosse-Drieling
Vera Grosse-Drieling

Sales Manager

India office

Hemant Gupte
Hemant Gupte

India office manager